Ong Peng Boon

Managing Director
Middle Temple LLB (Hons)(Lon)

Mr Ong Peng Boon began his career in a government enforcement agency in the year 1978, after completing 2 and a half years of National Service as an Armoured Vehicle Commander. He worked his way up, rank and file, before resigning as an Inspector in 1995. He was admitted to the Singapore Bar on the 15th March 1996 and started Ong & Co on 1st April 1997.

With close to 20 years of experience in the force and 20 years of experience in legal practice, especially in the fields of Criminal and Family Law, Mr Ong has a deep reservoir of knowledge and skill to draw upon to overcome any hurdles you may encounter with the law or alternatively to utilise the law to achieve your interest.

Mr Ong prides himself in being able to understand his client’s problems and interests, no matter their complexity, and offer practical and realistic solutions.

With a proficient and professional team of staff and lawyers helmed by Mr Ong, Ong & Co LLC will ensure the best solution is derived to meet the most of your interest through appropriate and affordable means.

Allow us to help overcome your difficulties and minimise your cost in order to achieve the ends of the matter and we will do our foremost best here at Ong & Co LLC.

Please read Divorce Procedures, an article written and contributed by Mr Ong Peng Boon to , an Inforectory on Divorce Matters in Singapore.

1978 to 1988

Posted to Supervision Division as Assistant Supervisor:-

  1. Supervision of treated drug addicts;
  2. Field raids and undercover operations;
  3. Putting up Investigation papers against drug offenders;
  4. Assisted Prosecution Branch in prosecuting drug offenders
  5. Liaising with various; Governmental Departments to implement policies;
  6. Liaising with private agencies in getting jobs for treated drug addicts.

1988 to 1990

Posted to the Anti-Inhalant Abuse Team of the Enforcement Division, with 4 officers under his charge:

  1. Conducted raids and field visits on shops selling inhalant substances;
  2. Liaising with various government departments and associations;
  3. Putting up of Ivnestigation Papers against errant shop-keepers;
  4. Provide Counselling to Teenage Inhalant Abusers.


Posted to the Speicial Investigation Team of the Enforcement Division:

  1. Carried out investigations into all major trafficking cases which attracted the death penalty;
  2. Assisting the Team Supervisor for effective manpower deployment in the team;
  3. Assisting in the systematic collection of drug intelligence pertaining to trends and patterns;
  4. Assisting the Team Supervisor in working with other governments or goreign drug enforcement agencies in the collection of intelligence with a view to effect follow up enforcement action; and
  5. Carrying out raids, observations and inquiries


Certificate of Commendation


Certificate of Commendation from CNB for initiative, Resourcefulness and Detective Ability


Certificate of Commendation from CNB for Operation


Certificate of Commendation from CNB for Detective Ability, Initiative and Devotion


Certificate of High Commendation from CNB for Outstanding Performance, Initiative and Resorcefulness


Certificate of Commendation from Singapore Labour Foundation Educational


Certificate of Commendation from CNB for excellent teamwork, resourcefulness and high productivity


Certificate of Commendation from CNB (Anti Inhalant Abuse Team)


Certificate of Commendation from CNB for Leadership, Resourcefulness and Effective implementation


Regional Drug Seminars (DEA), Singapore


ASEAN Narcotics Law Enforcement Workshop (Bangkok)


Vocational Training, Middle Temple (UK Bar)


Police Senior Officer Course, Police Academy


Senior Officer Intelligence Course