Legal Advice We Offer on Criminal Law

The advice published is in brief. Kindly make an appointment to speak to our lawyer for help on your case.

How to go about with proceedings at the Police Station

  1. Advice on police arrest procedure & right of investigations.
  2. Bailing process at the police station.
  3. Advice on the procedure such as how to visit the Accused while being remanded at the police station by a court order for the purpose of investigations.
  4. Advice on arrest by an agency other than the police, and Accused is detained at police station (ICA, MOM etc).

Person Charged in Court

  1. Advice on bail process in court and the amount of bail to be furnished
  2. Advice on the application to vary bail granted by the court to lower the amount or in collateral.

Accused Remanded in Changi or Elsewhere Pending Court Case

  1. Advice on schedule of visit.
  2. Advice on arrangement to interview the inmate in person.
  3. Advice on arrangement to interview an inmate in Kranji Detention Barracks (KDB).

Inmate in Drug Rehabilitation Centre (DRC)

  1. Advise on the procedure of a person undergoing treatment and rehabilitation in DRC in the event there are pending criminal charges against him/her.


  1. Advice on arrest by other enforcement agencies such as SAF, CPIB, NEA, ICA, HAS IRAS, MOH (non-exhaustive) on their expectation and outlook on investigations.


  1. Advice on application for Long-term Pass, S Pass, E Pass, Work Permit and Student Pass etc. for foreigners intending to stay in Singapore.
  2. Advice for foreigners arrested in Singapore and the requirement of furnishing a Singaporean and/or Permanent Resident as Bailor.
  3. All other advice as categorised above also apply to foreigners in Singapore.
  4. We are affiliated with Law Firms in Malaysia and can provide briefs on Singaporeans arrested in Malaysia.